September 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Dorking Community Bandstand

It is with great pleasure we can finally report real progress: MVDC Development Committee finally agreed our request for planning permission for the project at its meeting on Wednesday 7 September. Apart from confirming its support for the project, this means we can start fund raising in earnest.

The following summarises what we have achieved so far and what there is still to do:


– formed the CIO to drive the project forward

– created a website giving details of the scheme

– opened a bank account to receive money in a transparent, traceable way

– designated where we would like to build the bandstand

– designed the plinth arrangements – in outline

– discussed options for suppliers of the bandstand itself and identified three suppliers

– engaged with many interested organisations representing over 400 members to generate community interest and support

– started to engage with funding organisations.

Still to do

– achieve the agreement of MVDC as landowners and subsequent operators of the bandstand that the project should proceed in the Meadowbank as described

– finalise the plinth design detail and select contractors for the ground works and construction

– select the bandstand supplier from our short list

– raise the funds for remaining design, infrastructure, build and installation work

– decide on the tribute and memorialisation aspects of the project

– draw up and prepare the operational arrangements as required by the planning conditions.

Help needed!

As you can see, whilst we have managed to achieve a lot there is much to do – particularly if we are to meet our target of opening for the summer 2023 season. In particular we need to:

– expand our team and get on board people with expertise currently missing such as construction project management; fund raising specific tasks; venue operational experience etc

– form a separate subcommittee to consider the sensitive issue of tribute and memorialisation.

If you feel you could help, please do get in touch. We will be reaching out into the community for help!

Stephen Williams, Chair

Nick Wright

Tony Earnshaw

Trustees, Pandemic Community Bandstand

September 2022