July 2023 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Dorking Bandstand,

Some exciting news and a request for help.!

We have been working with MVDC to finalise the terms of our license to build in the Meadowbank Park. We have now reached agreement on the terms of the license. 

Secondly, we have been finalising our cost estimates for the bandstand itself and the ground works and plinth on which it will stand. Again, we are now in a position to go to funders with the information they require.

Accordingly, we are about to apply for a grant from Your Fund Surrey (YFS) for a substantial amount of the cost of the project. As part of the review process, understandably, they like to gauge the level of community support. 

It would help the project enormously if you could go onto the YFS website, locate the page for Dorking Bandstand which is an “active” project and register your support!! We need as many supporters as possible as the various projects compete for funds so do please spread the word. Alternatively, clicking this link should take you there: 


Our whole philosophy is driven by the three aims of the project: to commemorate those who suffered or died during the pandemic; to honour the staff of the NHS, key workers, volunteers etc who helped us; and to do so by building a bandstand for use by all in providing that focus of community endeavour and as a lasting asset for the town.

As ever, if you have any comments, questions, require more information, or think you could help, please visit our website – dorkingbandstand.com or get in contact.

The trustees

Dorking Pandemic Community Bandstand CIO